Nr. 1 (2019)

Eastern European Scientific Journal 01-2019

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Biologie und Medizin

Brain Changes in Sudden Death of Children under 1 Year PDF (Russian)
Lola A. Karataeva, Sarvar I. Shoyunusov
Selecting Bases for Suppositories of Coglumet Immunomodulatory and Anti-Virus Action Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Firuza A. Umarova, Bobur Mirzo B. Khamdamov, Makhfuza M. Madumarova, Muhammadayubkhon M. Boboyev
Monitoring Women's Contingent Health Condition State at Uzbekistan Pedagogical Colleges Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Abduvali Abdullayev
Analysis Students’ Physical Developing Indicators in Studying Period at Military-Technical Lyceum Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Sanjar R. Uraimov
Basic Approaches to Children's Health at Preschool Educational Institutions Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Durdonakhan S. Kurbanova


Connection of Oil and Gas Deposits with Hydrocarbon Migration Routes, as Indispensable Condition for Their Formation Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Andrey V. Zagorodnov
Dependence of Permeability and Duration of Dissolution Capsules Forming Polymer Materials from Number of Hydrophilic Groups Available in Polymeric Chain Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Yavuz I. Rustamov, Huseyn A. Garamammadov, Shamama H. Mamedova, Shahla H. Ismayilova
Connection of Oil and Gas Deposits with Hydrocarbon Migration Routes, as Indispensable Condition for Their Formation Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Andrey V. Zagorodnov

Philosophie, Philologie und Kunstwissenschaften

Legal Thesaurus – Factor Ensuring Terms Monosemanticity Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Gulnara Ya. Gulyamova
Riddles as a Folklore Sample Facilities in Forming Kinders Responsibility Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Gulzhakhon Turabekova
Contrastive Investigations of German and Uzbek Adjectives Ohne Titel PDF
Khabibullo A. Baymanov, Avaz I. Avlakulov, Dilnoza M. Shaxabutdinova
Studying Karakalpak Poetry in Academic Lyceums by Various Methods in Class Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Konis A. Yusupov
Bahouddin Naqshband - Great Figure in Self-Consciousness Education Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Nasiba R. Masharipova
Representation Concept “Hospitality” in Uzbek, Russian and English Cultures Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Novval V. Ruzmetova, Nilufar B. DjurayevaDjurayeva
Method of Old Master School Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Nozimhodza N. Abdusalomhodzhaev
Pedagogical Relation in Views of Islamic Religion Sources Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Sahabatdin I. Alauatdinov
Criteria of Selecting Local History Texts Historical and Literary Character for Educational Purposes Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Sayora A. Alimsaidova
Interchangeable Character and Combinability of Synonyms in Teaching English Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Shakhlo U. Kholikova, Aida M. Talipova, Shakhnoza Kh. Yusupalieva
Using Oral Folk Art Methods in Improving Speech Technology Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Umidakhon Boltaboeva


Innovative Procedures in Education PDF PDF (English)
Abdurashid А. Turgunov
Education in Development Society (Functional Aspect) PDF (English)
Abror I. Inatov
Peculiarities of Interconnecting Globalization and National Identification Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Alisher S. Khursandov
Importance of Educational Institution Leader Creativity in Management Organization Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Arslon A. Rizokulov
Methodological Bases of Effective Organizing Distance Learning System Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Bakhodir Khurramov
Urbanization Processes in Central Asia as Factor of Forming Ancient Statehood Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Bakhtier A. Arifkhanov
Conceptual Quality Management of Education in Educational Systems Design PDF PDF (Russian)
Barno S. Abdullaeva, Khikmatulla A. Khaldarov, Rustam Sh. Shamuratov
Monitoring Employers’ Requirements to Quality of Training Higher Education Specialists: Functions and Structure Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Boburjon Ergashev
Uniqueness of Uzbekistan Language Policy Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Davlyatbek S. , Sadullaev
Prospects of Development Early Integrated Caring First Life Years Children in Uzbekistan Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Dilbar Nurkeldieva
Ways and Methods of Activating Youth Organizations Implementing State Youth Policy Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Eleonora F. Yusupova
Forming Tolerance in Uzbekistan Ohne Titel Ohne Titel (Russian)
Gulnora Aripova
Factors Providing Interconnectivity between Higher Education Stages and Qualification Upgrading Courses Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Gulom O. Bokiyev
Some Issues of Developing Female Students Social Activity at Higher Education Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Guzal Kurbanova
Professional Competence in Training Teachers Process Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Janybek U. , Kusharbaev
Preparing Future Teachers at New Stage of Uzbekistan Development Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Khilola A. Ruzimetova, Maripat A. Irgasheva
Religious Tolerance in Uzbekistan: Historical Experience and Present Time Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Mansur T. Musaev
Academic and Theoretical Bases of Applying Innovative Technologies in Higher Education System Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Muhabbat F. Khakimova
Youth Is Moving Force of Civil Society Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Nasiba E. Azimova, Lola S. Eliboeva, Gulya G. Habibova, Ulmasoy U. Kurbanova
Forming Political Leader Image in Modern Conditions Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Nuriddin T. Kolkanov
Akhmad Danish’s Views on Selection and Organization Managerial Staff Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Rustam G. Jumaev
Features Implementing European Credit and Modular System at Higher Education Institutions of Uzbekistan Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Salahdin A. Usmanov


Using Electronic Teaching Materials for Training Future Teachers Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Akmal R. Juraev
Modeling Teacher's Activity in Designing Students’ Creative Activities Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Alijon R. Khamraev
Teaching Medical Colleges Students Using Application Information Systems in Future Professional Activity Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Anvar Jamolov
Developing Information and Communicative Competence of Specialists in Art and Culture Sphere Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Aziza T. , Kurbanova
Using Simulation Models in Studying Computer Networks Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Azzam E. Begbutayev
Forming Pupils’ Professional Thinking Model Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Bakhodir A. Akbarov
Forming Future Teachers’ Competence in Educational Process Design based on Acmeological Approach Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Bakhodir B. Ma’murov
Forming Communicative Competence of Technical Higher Education Institution Students by Innovative Means Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Bayramali R. , Mukimov
Experimental Studying Reintegration of Mercy Domains Children to Families based on Differentiated Approach Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Dildora A. Madjidova
Specificities English Language Non-Academic Hours Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Dilnavoz B. Mahametova
Structural and Functional Model of Professional Competence Preschool Education Teacher Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Dilnavoz Rakhmanova
Methods of Using "Network Bumerang" Technology in Teaching "Information Technologies in Education" Module Via Digital Educational Environment Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Dilnoza A. Zaripova
Psychological-Pedagogical Means of Medical Students’ Activity in Self-Study and Self-Realization Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Dilnoza A. Usta-Azizova
Using Didactic Games in Chemistry Education Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Dilnoza Usmonova
Heuristic Training as Important Factor Ensuring Initial Classes Pupils’ Educational Activity Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Dilshod J. Gaipov
Didactic Possibilities of Oral Exercises in Forming Initial Classes Pupils’ Mathematical Thinking Activity Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Egambergan M. Khudainazarov
Features of Informatics Teaching in Initial Classes at Republic of Uzbekistan Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Elmurod H. Khimmatov
Role in The Forming Stutent’s Scientific Mind Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Farkhod K. Tugalov
Computer Testing as Developing Information and Communication Skills Factor of Chemistry Teachers Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Farzona A. Alimova
Model of Developing Communicative and Didactic Competence among Future Teachers Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Feruza Rakhimova
Qualimetric Training Future Teachers System Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Furkat Nuriddinov
Model of Developing Cognitive Competence at Learning Process Elementary Mathematics Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Ganisher Nafasov
Problem of Forming Mathematical Representations and Developing Preschool Children Logical Thinking Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Gaukhar E. Janpeisova
Some Aspects of Teaching Physics at School Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Gayrat M. Shertaylakov
Effectiveness of Methods Organizing Educational Process Involving Computer Technology Ohne Titel
Gulbakhar J. Abilova
Shaping Future Specialists Via Using Interactive Methods in Special Subject Practical Course Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Gulnora D. Tosheva
Innovative Approach in Shaping Students’ Communicating Culture Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Gulnoza Narkabilova
Creative Competence is Important Vector of Preparing Future Teacher Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Inessa V. Morkhova, Shakhla Kh. Tashmetova
Rational Methods Awakening and Stimulating University Students Professional and Creative Abilities Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Iroda M. , Syrozhiddinova
Using Multimedia Technology Problems in Professional Education Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Jalil A. Khamidov
Developing Competence in Managing Educational Institutions Theory and Practice in Teaching Course "Management in Education" Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Kamola Yu. Norova
Structural and Content Modelo f Leadership Developing Student Potential at High School Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Khasanboy O. Kodirov
Methodological Aspects Organizing Work on Developing Younger Students Coherent Speech Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Khilola Bakiyevа
Competent Characteristics of Native Language Education Independent Work in Primary Education Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Khilola S. Bakiyeva
Using Electronic Educational Resources for Individualizing Algebra Teaching Process at Schools Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Khurram E. Tangirov
Improving Vocational Pedagogical Mastery of Advanced Training Teachers Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Kizlarhon Azizova
Technology Developing University Students Vocational Speech Competence Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Laziza Pulatova
Model of Developing Mathematical Competence Future Primary School Teachers Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Lola Akramova
Methodical Training Biology Students to Solve Problems Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Lola Egamberdieva
Accelerating Education, Individualization and Classification based on Developing Innovative Methods Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Luiza Badalova
Educator’s Role in Forming Moral Qualities Senior Preschool Age Children by Introducing Animal World Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Madina A. Rasulkhujaeva
Possibilities of Forming Preschool Children Creative Ability Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Madinabonu B. Tairova
Internal and External Factors of Technical Universities Students’ Professional Thinking Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Malokhat E. Akhmedova, Inobat N. Mustofoyeva
Planning Interdisciplinary Integration at Higher Education and Its Importance in Learning Process Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Mokhira Zh. , Turdieva
Ways of Intellectual Developing Children at Preschool Educational Institutions Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Muhabbat M. Berdieva
Some Pedagogical and Psychological Aspects of Conflict Prevention among Teachers and Students at Educational Institutions Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Mukarram Akhmedova, Nilufar Akhmedova
Methodical Training System of Undergraduate Students for Professional Activities Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Mukhayoxon S. Usmanova
Pedagogical Opportunities for Developing Students' Intellectual Talents Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Nargiza A. Karimova
Integrative Principle of Organizing Training in Raising Primary School Teachers’ Qualifications Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Nargiza Karimova
Methods of Enhancing Educational Material Perception in Teaching Economic Disciplines Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Nilufar S. Faizullaeva
Developing Pupils’ and Students’ Mathematical Abilities by Solving Geometric Tasks Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Nodir Sh. Ibragimov
Developing Creative Competence of School Teacher based on Technological Approach Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Nuriddin Ya. Kurbonov
Monitoring Manager’s Professional and Personal Potential Development in Ruling Pre-School Educational Institution Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Odina Khodjaeva
Forming Students’ Military-Patriotic Education Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Optuk A. Karimzhanov
Developing Student Civil Competency Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Ozod Abduganiev
Directions of Representating Didactic Materials Assisting Students’ Recognition Culture in Pedagogical Process Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Rokhat G. Safarova
Psychosocial Makers of Assertiveness Development Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Sabokhat D. Sharapova
Using New Generation Electronic Educational Resources in Teaching Special Disciplines at Professional Colleges Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Sadokat G. Siddikova
Developing Students Professional Skills Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Saifiddin Khakimov
Teaching English Intonation and Its Usage Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Sanobar T. Yusupova, Fayziddin R. Rahimov, Dilfuza Kh. Nishanova
Experimental Research Results Identificating Efficiency of Teaching Students’ Foreign Lexical Competence Methodology Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Sayyora A. Nazarova
Methods Using Great Thinkers’ Teachings about Nature and Human Health at Biology Lessons Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Sevara Kh. Tojiboeva
Model Developing Communicative Speech Activity at Early Age Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Shahnoza Kadirova
Forming and Developing Patriotism at Higher Educational Institutions Students’ Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Shahzoda A. Abdullaeva, Asliddin M. Uzokov
Teacher’s Professional Competence Structure Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Shakhlo S. Sharipova
Diagnosing Developing Future Teacher Professional Reflection Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Sherzod Zarmasov
Improving Teachers’ Self-Organization Skills in Teaching Activities during Qualifications Improving Process Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Shukhrat Babayarov
Improving Professional Training Primary Classes Teachers In Teaching Mathematics Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Shukhrat Makulov
Developing Students’ Creative Competence through Repetition Native Language Classes Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Turgunoy T. Kaziyeva
Forming Family Life Practice and Experiences in Young People Mind PDF (English) Ohne Titel (English)
Umida Marasulova
Basic Mechanisms Functioning Primary School Teacher Innovative Culture Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Umida Masharipova
Importance of Technologizing Teacher-Mentor’s Professional Activity Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Yarkinay Nurumbekova
Future Educators Professional Readiness to Interact with Preschool Children Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Yokut Irisbayeva
Content and Improving Higher Education by Solving Problem of Special Items Integration Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Zebo Sh. Tukhtaeva
Developing Higher Educational Institutions Health Care Training Proces Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Zokir T. Rakhimov
Historical Approach Essence in Determining Pedagogical Professional Competence and Its Level Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Zuhra O. Jabborova
Incessancy and Continuity Training Informatics and Information Technologies at School Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Zulaykho A. Marasulova

Mathematik- und Technikwissenschaften

Studying Descriptive Geometry with Help of KOMPAS Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Dildora U. Sobirova, Vazira N. Karimova, Alisher T. Azimov
Wireless Mesh Network Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Erkaboy K. Samandarov
Mathematical Background of Beauty Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Fazilat A. Rakhimova
Providing Professional Competence in Teaching Mathematics Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Olimjon G. Gaimnazarov
Method of Creating Electronic Educational Resources based on Instrumental Systems Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Yazdonkul U. Mustapakulov


Family and School Interaction in Educating Children with Hearing Impairment Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Dilfuza A. Musayeva
Vocabulary Disorders of Children with Motor Alalia Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Dilnoza T. Gapurova
Including Family of Preschool Children with Hearing Impairment to Correction Process Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Muborak U. Khamidova
Developing Mathematical Knowledge of Mentally Retarded Schoolchildren Using Computer Games Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Muyassar P. Khamidova
Children with Developmental Disabilities Speech Developing Features Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Nargiza S. Musaeva
Organizational and Pedagogical Conditions of Improving Educational Work with Mentally Retarded Children in Republic of Uzbekistan Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Nasiba Kh. Elmurzaeva
Children with Visual Disorder Speech Development Peculiarities Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Nilufar Abidova
Didactic Games Role in Work on Sound Automation Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Sevara Kh. Khusniddinova
Features of Preparing Teaching Literacy Children with General Speech Underdevelopment Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Sevara Y. Shamsiyeva
Literary Educating Children with Hearing Impairment to Speech Development Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Zulfiya N. Mamaradjabova

Sport Theorie

Problems of Improving Technical and Tactical Wrestlers’ Actions Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Bayrambay K. Erimbetov
Physical Developing Senior Preschool Age Children by means of Mobile Games SES PE Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Durdonakhan S. Kurbanova
Physical Culture Role in Maintaining Human Health Saving Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Elyor I. Toirjanov
Increasing Efficiency Preparing Young Football Players Regarding Age Features Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Farkhod Makhamadjonov
Communicative Competence Role in Athlete-Football Player’s Professional Activities Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Muhiddin N. Norkobilov, Vohidjon A. Makhmudov
Analysis of Technical and Tactical Actions Uzbekistan National Team under 15 Years in Central Asian Football Association U-15 (CAFA) Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Ozodbek Y. Bektorov
Teacher ‘s role in Organizing Health-Saving Activity at Educational System Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Pulatjon A. Ismatov
Importance of Developing Technical –Tactical Preparing and Improving Coordination Skills Freestyle Wrestlers (based on Questionnaire Results) Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Sarvar Q. Adilov
Importance of Basic Principles in Forming Students’ Motivation to Physical Culture Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Tulanbay I. Yusupov

ISSN: 2199-7977