Nr. 6 (2018)

Eastern European Scientific Journal 12-2018

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Sport Theorie

Efficiency of Using Special Exercises for Preventing Scoliosis Initial Age Children PDF (English) Entlegen (English)
Laylo B. Sobirova
Dynamics of Physical Indicators and Sports-Technical Preparedness Female Volleyball Players Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Akmal A. Boltayev
Problems of Increasing Competitive Activity Efficiency of Qualified Boxers in Stress Factors Absence and Occurrence PDF (Russian)
Gulom K. Rajabov
Importance of Food Diet Composition and Calories for Football Players during Charges and Competitions Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Nuriddin I. Sangirov

Philosophie, Philologie und Kunstwissenschaften

Artistic Repetition and Artistic Meaning Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Akbarjon Khasanov
Cumulative Fairy Tales Classification and Classifying Practice at English-Uzbek Fairy Tale Field Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Olima A. Kholmurodova
Derivative Meanings in Russian and Uzbek Languages as Universal Conceptual Concepts Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Ismail T. Babakulov
Forming Tolerance of Future Teachers Based on National Culture Development Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Svetlana A. Madyarova, Raushan M. Medetova
Composer Zhapak Shamuratov Creative Way Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Davlet Allanazarov
Oriental Word «Habar (Message)» in N.S. Leskov Works Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Uktam D. Esanov, Natalia E. Dmitrusenko
Mass Media and Popular Culture Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Iroda Redzhametova
Morals and Ethics of Islam Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Feruza Mamadaliyeva
Sonechka as Righteous Character Type Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Tatyana Polovinkina


Preparing Disabled Children for Family Life as Important Socialization Factor Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Madina M. Arslanova
Experience in Monitoring Teaching Quality at Public Education System of Uzbekistan Republic Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Begzod Khodjaev
Professional Education Pharmaceutical Personnel in Uzbekistan Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Feruza Akhmedova
Uzbekistan - France: Mutual Contacts at Science and Education Field Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Akmal Kh. Mamaragimov
Methods and Means of Innovative Developing Science in Higher Education Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Akbar Saidkasimov
Scientific and Theoretical Foundations of Tolerance Principle in Stabilizing Learning Environment Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Dilshodbek Samatov
Innovative Approaches to Improve Prevention Mechanisms of Offenses and Crimes among Students Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Fayziddin M. Zaripov
Improving System of Future Applied Art Teachers Training based on Competence Approach Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Komiljon M. Gulyamov
Developing and Promoting Students’ Social Activity Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Nilufar M. Urinova
Wahhabism as Ideology of Radical Religious Extremism Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Zohid M. Khayitmatov
Transforming Civil Society in Transition Period and Its Certain Issues Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Ikromjon B. Masharipov
Improving Educational Process in Quality Education Terms Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Radik G. Mullakhmetov
Forming Students’ Professional Culture based on Competence Approach as Time Definition Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Musurmon P. Imomov
"Green Economy" Role in Developing Uzbekistan Economy Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Feruza B. Daniyarova
Cluster Approach as Way to Improve Education Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Nodira Kh. Kushieva


Information Technologies and Technical Applications Efficiency in Teaching Electrical Engineering, Radiotechnics and Electronics Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Nurilla T. Orinbetov
Didactic Foundations of Interdisciplinary Connections at Subject Teaching Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Abdushohid A. Khasanov
Need for Early Vocational Guidance of Preschoolers with Hearing Impairment Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Nilufar Z. Rakhmonova
Forming Students’ Ecological Competence at Physics Lessons Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Shokir B. Ochilov
Developing Ecologic Competence of Future Teachers Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Isroil A. Khurramov
Communication Principle Role of Teaching by Life in Process of History Developing Teaching Chemistry Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Bakhrom M. Dumanov
Teaching Quantum Physics Elements in Secondary Schools Based on Statistical Method Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Erkin Khujanov
Realizing Continuity Principle in General Physics Course Study Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Mukaddas A. Kuchkarova, Makhamatrasulzhon Joraev
Organizing and Conducting "Special Course" of Teaching Professionally Oriented Language at Magistracy Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Dildora M. Isroilova
Methods to Stimulate Creative Thinking at Material Science Classes Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Salimbay Baltabaev, Zakhro Samikova
Students’ Moral Education Technology Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Dilafruz R. Farsakhanova
Increasing Students’ Interest to Physics by Developing Physics Teachers’ Competence at Schools Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Kimyokhon A. Mamatkulova
Forming Discursive Competence of Law Students Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Dilsuz A. Zoyirova
Methodical Aspects of Developing Spatial Representations Using Fusionism Idea Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Gulnora N. Goyibnazaroval Goyibnazaroval
Question of Studying Personal Spiritual and Moral Development Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Matlyuba Kakhharova
Organizing Independent Work and Self-Assessment of Secondary Schools Biology Students Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Achil M. Mavlyanov, Nizom D. Tashmanov
Mechanisms Ensuring Children’s Thought Activity Development at Preschool Education Process Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Inoyatkhon I. Tuychieva
Using Effective Techniques Developing Learners’ Critical Thinking in Teaching English Proverbs and Sayings Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Nargiza K. Abbasova
Preparing Future Preschool Education Teachers to Innovative Activity Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Gulsanam N. Ibragimova
Methodological Principles of Training Fine Arts Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Ne’mat A. Mansurov, Rakhim T. Ankabaev
Chromatics Course in Designers Training Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Dinara B. Isaeva
Inter-Branch Integration as Form Providing Effectiv Preparing Professional Education Teachers Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Sheraly S. Abduraimov
Forming Creative Vision of Person as Universal Method Enhancing Creativity Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Shohista R. Samarova
Essence and Types of Pedagogical Training Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Aziza M. Nishanova
Ethical and Aesthetic Developing Senior Preschool Children by Puppet Theater Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Zulfizarkhon F. Azizova
Conditions for Developing Professional Competence of Modern Teaching Staff Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Shahnoza A. Zakirova
Information Activity and Interactive Learning Method Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Nodir Jamalov, Munis Khodjaev, Ozod Abduganiyev
Practice-Oriented Approach Implementation in Engineers Training Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Gulbakhor A. Ruzimatova
Conceptual Basis of Teacher's Professional Position Developing Process Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Dilnoza Saidova
Ways of Developing and Evaluating Communicative Competence Criteria Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Akrom Khasanov
Forming Primary School Students Economic Competence Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Sayora Artikbaeva
Activity Approach to Developing Future Math Teacher Methodological Skills Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Elbek Otakulov
Developing Future Math Teacher Methodological Skills Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Elbek Otakulov
Didactic Foundations of Labor Activity for Children with Intellectual Disabilities Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Hafiza Akramova
Theoretical Basis Selecting Basic Models of Methodical Training Geography Teacher in Uzbekistan Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Gulchekhra Yandasheva
Pupils’ Creative Ability at Mathematics Lessons Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Mavjuda Sobirova
Using "Cluster" Method Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Yokut Irisbayeva
Application of Advanced Information Technologies of Training at Drafting Lessons Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Dilfuza I. Mamurova
Psychoanalytic Approach to Interpreting Artistic Work and Creativity Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Dilbar G. Mukhamedova, Rukhshona Yu. Musinova
Quality Education as Main Factor in Preparing Children with Disabilities for Social Life Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Feruzakhon U. Kadyrova
Strategy of Modular Learning Second Russian Language at Technical University Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Manzura I. Usmanova, Nasiba E. Umarova
Forming Students’ Knowledge and Formalization, Solution and Interpretation Skills for Applied Mathematical Problems Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Ulugbek J. Sodikov
Case Study as Effective Training Form in University’s’ Professional Training Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Maksuda Mamatkulova

Mathematik- und Technikwissenschaften

Level and Structure Assessment of Student’s Knowledge in Engineering Graphics Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Dilarom F. Kuchkarova
Absolute extensors of the class AE (0) Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Turgunbay Zhuraev, Zulaikho Tursunova
Application Analogy Method in Formation Future Physics Teachers’ Competence at Universities Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Matluba A. Eshmirzaeva
Developing Students’ Geometric Imagery Using Illustrated Tasks Ohne Titel PDF (English)
Abulkosim A. Parmanov
Modern Graphic Programs Methodical Possibilities in Teaching Engineering Disciplines Ohne Titel PDF (Russian)
Shoxboz Dilshodbekov

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