Oriental Word «Habar (Message)» in N.S. Leskov Works

Uktam D. Esanov, Natalia E. Dmitrusenko


Кey words: borrowed word, oriental word, artistic text, meaning, method, quotes, brackets, explanations.


Annotation: this article deals with analysis of the ways of introducing little-knowing eastern word «habar (message)» and the methods of explanation for the wide circle of readers, and the history of this loan word is considered either.


Leskov NS. The Enchanted Wanderer. Lefty: Leskov NS. Novels and stories. Moscow, 1984.

Leskov NS. Collected Works in 11 volumes. Moscow, 1956-1958.

Dal VI. The Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language. Reprinted from the 2nd edition. Moscow, 1955.

Dictionary of Church Slavonic and Russian, compiled by the Second Division of the Imperial Academy of Sciences. St. Petersburg.


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