Nr. 2 (2018)

Eastern European Scientific Journal 02-2018

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Use of Enzyme Systems in Evaluating Frost Resistance of Winter Wheat PDF
Alexandr P. Statstnko, Valeria A. Vikhreva, Alexandr A. Blinohvatov, Sergei V. Zinoviev, Rauzat D. Ulbasheva
Criteria for Assessing Groundwater Contamination Levels of Marl and Chalk Water Intakes in Eastern Ukraine PDF
Alina V. Kononenko, Anatoly I. Lurie, Igor V. Udalov
Systematic Analysis of Indicator Saborbine Species of Alcohols of Sangzar River PDF
Zulaykho A. Ismatova
Implementing Computer Software Capabilities to Conduct Chemistry Experiments PDF
Dildora S. Sarimova
Innovative Activity As A Factor of Developing Methodological Culture of Future Teacher PDF
Zulfiya K. Murodova
Scientific Concept of Continuous Lingua Methodological Training of Foreign Language Teacher based on Integrated Approach PDF
Nodira M. Ahmedova
Using Information Technologies in Education (Distance Education in Uzbekistan) PDF
Ramziya M. Gatiyatulina, Sardor D. Inoyatov
Organizing Work on Developing Mathematical Representations of Children with Help of Didactic Games PDF
Zarafshon K. Kalendarova
Developing Students’ Intellectual Skills at Pedagogical Universities of Uzbekistan Republic based on Multimedia Technologies PDF
Shaxnoza A. Abdurakhmanova
Teaching Informatics and Information Technologies in Foreign Countries Education System (Comparative Analysis). Role and Importance of International Experience PDF
Nodira Kh. Rakhimova
Meaning of Speech in Mental Development of Child PDF
Mukarram Y. Ayupova, Shahnoza M. Amirsaidova
Experimental Study of Mentally Retarded Children Communication in Primary School Age Ohne Titel
Nargiza S. Musaeva
How to Educate Deeply Child in Family PDF
Muborak U. Khamidova
Actual Issues of Forming Creative Activity of Initial Classes Students PDF
Gulshirahan Z. Yusupova
Positive Effect of Speech Development in Process of Literary Educating Pupils with Shortcomings in Auditory Ability PDF
Zulfiya N. Mamaradjabova
Effective Receptions of Organizing Extracurricular Occupation PDF
Inobat O. Shikhova
Socio-Psychological Aspects of Developing Professional Communicative Competence of Future Primary School Teachers PDF
Farogat N. Solieva
Forming Skills of Enterprise by Means of Integration Preschool and Family Children Education PDF
Mukhaio B. Artikova
Necessary Components of Developing Professional Competence of Future Vocational Education Teacher PDF
Nozima N. Karimova
Rating Evaluation of Pedagogical Practice as Basis of Students’ Effective Activity PDF
Mansur M. Akhmetjanov
Developing Perspectives of Educational and Upbringing Process on Basis of Person-Oriented Education PDF
Mansur M. Akhmetjanov
Preparing Future Teachers of Vocational Education for Innovative Activity in Uzbekistan PDF
Azam A. Alimov, Kakhramon T. Olimov, Alisher Kh. Gaffarov
Didactic Ways of Forming Students’ Technical Thinking PDF
Umirzok M. Yarlakabov
Developing Logical Thinking of 5-9th Year Students at Mathematics Lessons PDF
Dadakhon F. Tukhtasinov
Importance of Developing Musical Teachers’ Practical Competence PDF
Izzat B. Matyakubov
Organization and Forms of Students’ Independent Work on Higher Mathematics at Pedagogical University PDF
Aysuliu J. Janabergenova
Organizing Integrated Classes of Mathematics in Elementary School PDF
Azizbek T. Toshkhonov
Method of Developing Training Mathematics in Academic Lycees PDF
Dilsora N. Abduvaliyeva
Improving Professional Activity of Future Teachers Ohne Titel
Sherzod Primov
Interrelations of Pedagogical Technologies and Effectiveness of Educational Process in Training Military Students PDF
Roman V. Pantin


Role of Pedagogical Prevention in Struggle Against Religious Extremism and Terrorism PDF
Arofat A. Ismanova
Modern Animation and Preschoolers: Question of Media Literacy PDF
Zukhra R. Bakieva, Behzod B. Mukhammadkhujaev
Early Aid as an Opportunity to Prevent and Correct Developmental Disruptions: Problems and Ways to Improve Activities of Early Care Services in Uzbekistan PDF
Dilbar Nurkeldiyeva, Shafoat Taxirova
Heritage of Ancestors as Important Means for Counteracting "Mass Culture" Statement PDF
Rokhat G. Safarova
Role of Technology Transfer Offices in Modernization Higher Education Institutions in Uzbekistan PDF
Aslitdin B. Nizamov
Organizational and Pedagogical Aspects of Multi-Vector Approach to Professional Developing Public Education Personnel PDF
A`lamjon A. Ibragimov
Pedagogical Conditions of Educational Resources Usage as Means of Schoolchildren’s Individualization Development PDF
Sarvar Muminov
Importance of Implementing Pedagogical Technologies to Education System PDF
Zebo P. Aminova
Improving Mechanisms of Interaction between Family Institutions and Educational Institutions in Developing Spiritual Culture of Adolescents at Social and Right Risk Groups PDF
Aynisa M. Musurmanova
Main Indicators of Social Danger Elimination PDF
Aziza T. Turgunova
Important Aspects of Establishing Non-State Educational Institutions PDF
Maksudakhon E. Khallokova


Problems of Choosing Methods and Technologies in Musical Pedagogics PDF
Umidjon Yuldoshev
Developing Professional Pedagogical Mastery of Future Initial Classes Teachers PDF
Jamshidbek M. Atadjanov
Development of Spiritual Values in Higher Educational Institutions Students PDF
Ashraf D. Aliyarov
Development of Methodological Competence of Future Mathematics Teacher PDF
Maman Berdibaev
Use of Information Technology in Teaching Quantum Physics for Non-Physical Specialties at Pedagogical Universities PDF
Nurjan S. Matjanov
Individually-Oriented Training of Future Physics Teacher Ohne Titel
Guljakhan E. Karlibaeva
Professionally-Oriented Training of Physics Teacher by Method of Using Information Technologies Means PDF
Guljakhan E. Karlibaeva
Differentiated Approach to Theoretical Knowledge in Terms of Its Practical Applicability PDF
Saule S. Tajbenova
Integrative Orientation of Labor Training Teacher PDF
Ravshan A. Abdukhairov
Organizational Aspects of Developing Innovative Methods in Teaching PDF
Olima A. Khalilova
Developing Controlling System over Effectiveness of Teaching Foreign Languages in Non-Philological Higher Educational Institutions PDF
Bunyod Kh. Kholiyorov
Forming Information Competences of Future Informatics Teachers at Conditions of Education Informatizing PDF
Tamara T. Kalekeeva
Pedagogical System of Developing Creative Abilities for 9-8 Yeas Students in External Studying Uzbekistan Historical and Cultural Monuments PDF
Mavzhuda A. Tilakova
Innovation at School as Mechanism of Improving Didactic Process PDF
Marhabo Q. Kazakova
Structural-Information and Communication Components of Professional Competence Teachers PDF
Lutfullo M. Umarov
Methodology of Teaching Uzbek by Means of Modern Technologies for Initial Classes Pupils PDF
Zarifa R. Jumanova
Peculiarities of Teaching Social Subjects at High Educational Pedagogical Organizations PDF
Nargiza Z. Madaminova
Significance of Foreign Pedagogical Experience in Preparing English Language Teachers PDF
Ulugbek A. Jabbarov
Didactic Approaches to Teaching Talented Pupils PDF
Fotima R. Ganiyeva
Developing Creative Imagination in Primary School Pupils as Pedagogic Problem PDF
Umida A. Usmanova
Personal-Oriented Training of Students in Continuing Education PDF
Ahmadjon R. Alimov
Role of Aesthetic Taste in Educating Youth at Music Activities PDF
Sobir S. Zhumayev
Pedagogical and Professional Competences of Music Teaches in Educational Process PDF
Sevara A. Mahmudova
Methodical Training of Elementary School Teachers in Technology Subject PDF
Gulchira Abduraimova
Developing Information Competence of Schoolchildren PDF
Nigora Ruzikulova
Requirements for Economic Training of College Students in Modern Professional Education PDF
Anvar R. Rakhimov
Pedagogical Conditions of Developing Self-Study Working Skills with Textbook for Schoolchildren PDF
Makhfuza N. Ibadova
Forming Basic Medical Knowledge at Lessons PDF
Ilkhomzhon G. Usmonov
Significance of Creative Tasks in Preparing Creative-Perfect Students PDF
Bakhtiyor K. Mamadaliyev
Students’ Adaptation to Educational Activity in Higher School PDF
Dilrabo I. Muqumova
Conditions for Using Language Games at German Lessons in Uzbek Groups PDF
Akmal Kh. Kodirov
Recommendations on Effective Organizing Training and Production Complexes at Secondary Educational Institutions PDF
Samaridin B. Korayev

Philosophie, Philologie und Kunstwissenschaften

Cognitive Technologies in Theory of Text Systems (on the material of the work of the genre "parable") PDF
Natalia A. Zyablitseva, Anatoli A. Pripadchev
Role of Oral Folk Creativity and Nature in Forming Spiritual-Moral Values of Young People in Continuing Education PDF
Askarbay T. Tilegenov
Creative Techniques, Methods and Trends in English Language Teaching PDF
Khilola M. Mamatova
Critical Analysis of Media Texts as Condition of Developing Thinking Process PDF
Khurshid Kh. Nekboev
Life and Oeuvre of Professor Gaybulloh As-Salom PDF
Saida Umarova
Theater Schools and Technological Issues of Acting PDF
Khamida A. Makhmudova
Occasional Nouns and Adjectives in Russian Prose at Beginning of XXI Century PDF
Ludmila V. Tomchani

Sport Theorie

Planning of Training Process for Greco-Roman Wrestlers in Annual Cycle PDF
Shukhrat S. Tursunov
Mini-Football as a Mean of Forming Female Sports Culture PDF
Orif L. Erdonov
Possibilities of Professional Culture Future Physical Training Teachers PDF
Anvar E. Sattorov
Peculiarities of Constructing Training Algorithm in Initial Stage of Kurashists Training (national fight) PDF
Shuxrat E. Keldiyarov
Technology of Managing System of Competitive Activity at High Qualification Gymnasts PDF
Sergey А. Eshtaev
Importance of Physical Culture and Sport in Human Life PDF
Utkir K. Umurzakov
Purpose and Tasks of Professionally Applied Physical Training Future Teachers PDF
Jaloliddin O. Akhmedov

ISSN: 2199-7977