Nr. 4 (2016)

Eastern European Scientific Journal 04-2016

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Mathematik- und Technikwissenschaften

Analysis, Prediction and Prophylaxis of Lethal Traumatism PDF (Russian)
Roman I. Pahomov, Evgenij V. Dyachenko, Alexandr E. Zyma
Identification of the Probable Geometric Peculiarities of the Modular 3D Structures by Hyperspatual Formalism Method PDF (English)
Valeriy V. Ivanov
The Choice of the Structural Cells-Modules for Receiving of the Possible Modular and Corresponding Modulated Structures PDF (English)
Valeriy V. Ivanov
Researching Parameters of Regulation of Working Process in Tape Batchers with Centrifugal Sensors of Uatt PDF (Russian)
Sayranbek M. Akhmetov, Nurken M. Akhmetov, Bauyrzhan A. Bilashev, Kayrbek A. Ikhsanov, Dana Zh. Mukhambetalina
Broadband for WIMAX Technologies in Distant Education PDF (Russian)
Salokhiddin S. Babajanov


Problems of Students’ Social Adaptation on the Basis of Values Assimilation PDF (English)
Dildora Kh. Kasimova
The Basic Conceptual Approaches of Adaptation CEFR into Uzbek State Standards of Foreign Languages PDF (Russian)
eruza M. Rashidova
Improvement of Customs and Economic Mechanism in the Regulation of Foreign Economic Activities of the State PDF (Russian)
Nodibek I. Askarov
Conceptual Directions of Improving the Customs and Economic Mechanism in the Regulation of Foreign Trade PDF (English)
Nodibek I. Askarov
Russia's Membership in the International Project "Northern Dimension" in the Provision of Health Care to Prisoners PDF (English)
Sergey B. Ponomarev
Fundamental Criminalistics Technique and Tactics of Crime Investigation in Sphere of Computer Information PDF (Russian)
Artur S. Stepanov
Problem of Selection and Structuring Industrial Training Content PDF (Russian)
Iskandar A. Otabayev
Woman Employment in the Conditions of Transformation of Society: Socio-Economic Dimension PDF (Russian)
Sargylana M. Baisheva
Value of New-Method Maktab in the Historical Formation Turkestan national Education (End of XIX - early XX century) PDF (Russian)
Dusmurod W. Juraev

Biologie und Medizin

LOLIUM PERENNE (L.) in a Culture of Forest-Steppe Zone of Western Siberia PDF (Russian)
Galina A. Zueva
Syncytial Cytoplasmic Communication Invertebrates PDF (English)
Alexandra A. Laktionova, Oleg S. Sotnikov
Investigation in GaSe-CaGa4Se7 System PDF (Russian)
Nagi I. Yagubov, Imir I. Aliyev, Oktaj A. Aliyev, Gumaj A. Gusejnova
On the Influence of Biotic and Abiotic Factors of the Environment on the Incidence of Leptospirosis Serogroups Grippothyfosae in the Tula Region PDF (Russian)
Valentina A. Evstegneeva, Olga L. Smolyaninova, Sergey I. Logvinov
General Solution of Periodontal Diseases Problem PDF (Russian)
Vasil Grigoriev
Power of Pain: Theory and Applications PDF (Russian)
Petr I. Kurilko, Mikhail V. Kutushov


Model of the Fundamental Fermions Structure (First Generation) PDF (Russian)
Konstantin N. Novikov, Elena N. Novikova
Why does the Earth increase dimensions? PDF (Russian)
Evgenij a. Belsheov


Integrated Technique for Solving Problems in Physics Using MathCad Programs and Crocodile Technology 3D PDF (Russian)
Sa’dullo S. Sheraliev
The Need to Prepare Future Teachers to Design a Student-Centered Educational Process PDF (English)
Bakhodir B. Mamurov
Characteristics and Essence of Teaching Special Education in Vocational Colleges PDF (Russian)
Eshmurod М. Murtazaev
Organization of Pedagogical Conditions in the Training Future Teachers to Work with Gifted Children in Secondary Educational Institution PDF
Malika M. Abdullaeva
Forming Independent Thinking of Students in the Learning Process of Searching the Life's Way PDF (Russian)
Nursulu M. Nagmetova
Methodological Recommendations on Teaching English Pronouns by Secondary School Students on the Bases of IT PDF (Russian)
Gulnoza S. Sabirova
Role of Monitoring of Personality Qualities of Student in Preparation Future Specialists PDF (Russian)
Gavhar K. , Karimova
Influence of Some Sites on the Internet on Young Minds PDF (Russian)
Zebo B. Usmanova
Continuity in the Study of General Physics PDF (Russian)
Gulora Yuldasheva
The Role of Electronic Monitoring System in the Retraining Process of Pedagogical Staff of High Education Institutions PDF (Russian)
Tuymurod T. Shoymardonov
Organization of Educational Process with the Use of Adaptive Learning Systems PDF (Russian)
Makhbuba R. Fayziyeva
Necessity of Essential Correction of «Clip Thinking» PDF (Russian)
Alexey A. Riazantsev
Teaching Mathematics Based on the Ethno-Pedagogical Mini Section PDF (Russian)
Abdrakhman S. Sarsekeyev, Baurzhan S. Sarsekeyev, Gulnar K. Sarsikeyeva
Students’ Educational Support as an Essential Condition of Their Socialization and Creative Development PDF (Russian)
Darmonzhon B. Mahmudova
Methods of Students’ Knowledge Assessment and Its Monitoring PDF (English)
Shahodat A. Rakhimava
Diagnosis of Subjective Attitude of Educational Relation Participants to Educational Institutions PDF (Russian)
Dilshod Sh. Temirov
Modern Aspects of Formation Social Activity of Pupils in the Training Future Tteachers of Initial Classes PDF (Russian)
Khaknazar Kh. Khamzayev
Problems of Healthy Lifestyle in Extracurricular Activities PDF (Russian)
Mashkhura M. Isabaeva
Protection Mechanisms of Youth from Information Attacks PDF (English)
Oybek G. Davlatov
Electronic Portfolio and Its Role in Modern Educational Institution PDF (Russian)
Sayfulla Kh. Dottoev

Philosophie, Philologie und Kunstwissenschaften

Grammatical Interference in the Speech of Azerbaijan Students PDF (English)
Kamala A. Jafarova
Variation as Main Feature of Norm PDF (English)
Sabina E. Poladova

ISSN: 2199-7977