Nr. 5 (2014)

Eastern European Scientific Journal 10-2014

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Biologie und Medizin

Biochemical Identification of Bacteria Collectible Cultures PDF (English)
Nely M. Bisenova, Kunsulu D. Zakarja, Kairtaj Kh. Almagambetov, Akbota M. Satenova, Karashash A. Dinkaeva, Akerke A. Eskaraeva, Raushan K. Ergebaeva, Nazymgul Zh. Shumenova
Evaluation of Immunomodulators Influence on Inhibited Associated Inactivated Vaccine Against Cattle Parainfluenza-3, Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis Virus and Bovine Viral Diarrhea-mucosal Disease Using Rabbits PDF (Russian)
Vali G. Gumerov, Albert G. Galiullin, Ilsiar G. Karimullina, Gulnara Kh. Murtazina, Zuchra B. Kurbanova
The Relationship Between Reproductive Health and Immune System in Women with Chronic Nonspecific Diseases of the Pelvic Organs PDF (Russian)
Anzhela A. Konoval
Methods of Preserving the Health of Teeth PDF (Russian)
Vasil’ Grigorjev
Algorithms for Cancer, AIDS, Disease Algeytsmer PDF (Russian)
Ertostyk K. Lakpaev
The Influence of the Drug "Fersel" on the Rate of Growth, Safety and Meat Quality of Pigs PDF (Russian)
Albina K. Gilfanova, Alizade S. Hasanov, Leysan F. Jakupova
Condition of Cognitive Functions in Neurooncological Patients with Convulsive Syndrome PDF (English)
Shukhrat B. Gafurov, Nafas Kh. Kholikov
Prosthetics of Patients with Complex Oral Topography PDF (Russian)
AntonV. Berlov, Irina Y. Nikolaeva
Estimation of Bulls on the Family Tree and to Quality of Posterity PDF (Russian)
Ludmila Yu. Bolotova, Raisa P. Karagod, Valeriy G. Prokop'ev
Creating a "Athlete’s Heart" in Reply to Systematical Exercise for Adolescents PDF (Russian)
Aleksey V. Fedorako, Veronika U. Migel
The Research of the Chronic Osteomyelitis Risk PDF (Russian)
Aleksey V. Fedorako


Gravitational interaction with variable and constant mass matter. Birth of the matter in the strong gravitational field of "white hole" PDF (Russian)
Victor M. Dyachenko
Commentary to the "Hypothesis of the Origin of the Black Sea" PDF (Russian)
Igor V. Kuzminov
Availability of Ecological Situation Monitoring by Means of Modern Information Technologies PDF (Russian)
Elena V. Klimenko, Lyudmila A. Sheshukova
The mesostructure of the photosyntetic cell system of the picea ajanensis ((Lindl. Et Gord.) Fisch ex Carr.) to an action of drought and shade in the pot experiment as simulated conditions PDF (English)
Evgeniy G. Vernigora


Principles and Methods of Education of the Individual Soldier in the Modern Russian Army PDF (Russian)
Nadezhda M. Pleskacheva
I. P. Derkachev as the Organizer and the Leader of Pedagogical Conferences at the End of XIX Century PDF (Russian)
Victoria V. Mironenko
The Ideal Teacher by the Eyes of Students PDF (Russian)
Artem V. Ivanov
The Problem of the Educational Process Efficiency PDF (Russian)
Natalia A. Kuzmina
Organizational Culture and its Impact on Efficiency of Educational Process PDF (Russian)
Elena V. Demidova
Modern Trends of Innovation Activity Development at Higher School PDF (English)
Natalja G. Sharata


Development of Corporate Social Responsibility of Foreign Companies (Experience and Problems) PDF (Russian)
Eugenia A. Nauvova
Competitive Advantages of High-Tech Companies Strategic Alliances PDF (Russian)
Vladislav Vostrikov
Relationship of Goals, Objectives and Functions of the Control System of Socio-Economic Objects PDF (Russian)
Valery Р. Silin
On Strategic Planning in the Russian Federation. Where to start? PDF (Russian)
Valery Р. Silin
The Art of War and Organizational Structure of Kazakh Nomads Troops PDF (English)
Pakhmetolla T. Rakishev
Morality as the Basis of Rational Behavior Strategies Economic Entities PDF (Russian)
Erzhena, L. Dorzhieva
Tourist and Recreational Capacity of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic and Development of Main Directions PDF (Russian)
Magomed I. Halamliyev
Current Issues in Biological Assets Accounting in Russia PDF (English)
Oleg A. Blinov, Alexsandra S. Triyanova, Anastasiya A. Tsimbal
The Paradigm of the Russian Production Management Culture at the Turn of 80-90 Years PDF (Russian)
Vladimir G. Kasymov
History of Guryevsky Oil Workers’ Faculty PDF (English)
Leskaly B. Berdyguzhin, Bulat S. Nigmetov, Samat Aldiyarov, Azamat H. Imandosov, Erkebulan Tumin
Improving the Methods of Revenue and Expenses Planning at the Enterprise PDF (Russian)
Vitaliy S. Idelbaev, Marat R. Nugumanov
Technical and Technological Researches of Ceramic Complexes of Lower Amur Neolithic Age Cultures: the History of the Question PDF (Russian)
Inga V. Filatova
Ways to Solve the Problem of Old and Dilapidated Housing in the Russian Federation PDF (Russian)
Valery Р. Silin, Andrew V. Kabanov

Mathematik- und Technikwissenschaften

Spectral Projectors and Laplace-Beltrami Unagitated Operator Resolvent on a Three-dimensional Sphere PDF (Russian)
Arsen I. Atnagulov
Generator of Turbine Engine Power Station PDF (Russian)
Andrey S. Martyanov
ANSYS Maxwell Software for Electromagnetic Field Calculations PDF (Russian)
Andrey S. Martyanov, Nikolay I. Neustroyev
Reliable Estimates Explosion for External unit in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine PDF (Russian)
Аlexey А. Teslenko, Artem I. Tokar
Conductivity of Nanostructured Materials, Saturated Hydrogen Atoms PDF (Russian)
Vladimir O. Sergeev, Fedor V. Kharlamov, Vladimir F. Kharlamov
The central problem in number theory and the mean value theorem of primes up to a given number x PDF (English)
Yessenbek R. Ushtenov

Philosophie, Philologie und Kunstwissenschaften

Purposeful Systems in General Theory of Systems PDF (Russian)
Stanislav A. Galinovsky
Poem K.Gali "Kyyssai Yosyf" as a Mediator Between Two Worlds PDF (Russian)
Dina М. Khairullina
The Role of Culture and Language in the Socialization of Linguistic Personality PDF (Russian)
Leila M. Garaeva
Philosophische Aspekte der globalen Entwicklung PDF
Viktar M. Bokhan
Values of the Society and Demagogic Discourse PDF (Russian)
Viktor F. Burov

ISSN: 2199-7977