Nr. 3 (2014)

Eastern European Scientific Journal 06-2014

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Biologie und Medizin

Analysis of Clinical Manifestations and Changes in Laboratory Parameters in Patients with Gastritis and Gastroduodenitis Outpatient PDF (Russian)
Dina O. Karibaeva, Dinara I. Kupensheeva
Construction of Plasmid Enriched with Immunostimulatory CpG Motifs PDF (Russian)
Anatoly I. Zinchenko, Sergey V. Kvach, Anastasia S. Shchokolova
Morphological and Biological Features of the Panicle Variety Naked Oats PDF (Russian)
Olga A. Isachkova, Boris L. Ganichev
Forming Elements of Productivity Naked Oats for Treatment of Humic Preparations Seed PDF (Russian)
Nikolay A. Lapshinov, Vera N. Pakul, Sergey I. Zherebtsov, Zinfer R. Ismagilov, Olga A. Isachkova, Boris L. Ganichev
Influence of Intranidicolous Ecological Conditions on Biology and Productivity of Honey-bee Colonies of Central Russian Breed of Bees PDF (Russian)
Alexey N. Munkov, Regina I. Mihajlova
Morphological Changes of Dental Pulp in Experimental Deep Caries with Perforation of the Pulp Chamber in Rats PDF (Russian)
Olga B. Grinishin, Boris N. Filenko
Influence of Polyfermental Preparation "NIST" on the Organism of Albino Rats and Their Progeny PDF (Russian)
Vladimir G. Sofronov, Elena L. Kuznetsova, Nadezhda I. Danilova, MMI. Amirov
Prophylactic Effectivness of Some Drugs When Ejmerioza Chickens PDF (Russian)
Minsagit H. Lutfullin, Airat M. Idrisov, Nailya A. Lutfullina, Ramis R. Gizzatullin
Post-Vaccination Immunity in Cows in the Area of Technogenic Pollution PDF (Russian)
Albert K. Galiullin, Svetlana A. Semenova, Ali H. Volkov, Rauis G. Gosmanov, Galiya R. Yusupova
Polyoxidonium Immunomodulator Nonassociative Solutions Optimal Concentrations Influence on the Blood Indices of Laboratory Animals PDF (Russian)
Victor I. Usenko, Dirgela E. Dordzhieva, Irina S. Ryzhkina, Leisan I. Murtazina, Svetlana Yu. Sergeeva


Development of Procedures for the Selection of Ways to Strengthen Iron Subgrade Using Method of Finite Elements PDF (Russian)
Muhabbat A. Khizirova, Patam T. Grigorjeva, Zuhra K. Bitileuova
Das Klima und die Touristisch-klimatischen Ressourcen der Intramontanen Becken des Altai-Sajan- Berglandes PDF
Evgenia O. Garms, Maria G. Sukhova
Version of Biblical Events PDF (Russian)
Igor V. Kuzminov

Journalistik, Literaturwissenschaft, Medien- und Kulturwissenschaft

The Abazin Poem of the 1920th – the 1980-th Years - Typology and Regularities of Development PDF (Russian)
Lyolya N. Tugova
Subject of Historical Memory in the Abazin Literature PDF (Russian)
Lyolya N. Tugova
Enchanting Spectacle of Dolls of Europe and Asia PDF (Russian)
Tatiana M. Zhaplova, Anna D. Tikhonova
The Limits of Freedom of Journalistic Creativity. Legal Protection of Media Workers. PDF (Russian)
Tatiana M. Zhaplova, Anna D. Tikhonova


The Principles of Forming Management in Joint-Stock Companies PDF (English)
Mamarasul Xudaykulov
Institutionalization: Problems and Paradoxes PDF (Russian)
Lyudmila N. Kurbatova
Assessment of Identified and Potential Comparative Advantages as Tools for Forecasting the Sectoral Structure of Exports in Terms of Russia's Accession to the WTO PDF (Russian)
Alexander I. Tatarkin, Elena P. Naberezhneva
Methodological Peculiarities of the Development Strategy of Innovative Development in the Russian Regions PDF (Russian)
Elena P. Naberezhneva
The Role of Innovation Infrastructure Objects in the Stimulation of Innovation Development PDF (Russian)
Galina Ya. Belyakova, Yuliya A. Chayran
Activities of Islamic Financial Institutions in the Republic of Kazakhstan PDF (Russian)
Viktoria D. Zabolotnikova
Development of the System of Intergovernmental Transfers under Transformational Changes PDF (Russian)
Tatiana M. Bogolib
Specificity of the Service Sector in the Emerging New Economy PDF (English)
Vladimir P. Smirnov
Features of Legal Adjusting of Marriage Agreement in Russian Federation and Foreign Countries PDF (English)
Maria Grogulenko
Intellectual Property and Scientific-Technological Development: in the Prospect of Human Rights Protection PDF (English)
Aigul A. Shakhmova
Peculiarities of Formation of the Act of Transfer in the Implementation Process of Reorganization Procedures PDF (Russian)
Svetlana N. Zemlyakova
Current State of the Market of Flour in Ukraine and Prospects of Its Development in the International Markets PDF (Russian)
Kseniya I. Sarakhman
Educational Credit as a Factor of Optimization of Reproduction Levels of Strategic Category of Working Power (as high school graduators) PDF (Russian)
Elena E. Lobanova, Maria M. Pisankova
Sociocultural Transformations of Country Daily Occurrence - Western Region of Russia of the 1920th Years PDF (Russian)
Vadim V. Kulachkov
Optimization of Territorial Structure of Rural Municipalities under the Conditions of Competitive Environment Formation. PDF (English)
Albina M. Kiseleva


The Pedagogical Conflicts in School Practice PDF (Russian)
Svetlana S. Tovgazova
Assessment of Knowledge, Abilities and Skills of Students PDF (Russian)
Svetlana S. Tovgazova
Research of Health Level of Children and Youth PDF (Russian)
Murat H. Dzhukkayev
Project Activity as a Mean of Creating Students’ General Cultural Competencies PDF (Russian)
Flyura K. Usmanova
The Requirement for "Remedial Course" of Teaching Foreign Languages PDF (Russian)
Ferusa I. Ikromkhanova, Novval V. Ruzmetova, Nargiza T. Alimkulova

Mathematik- und Technikwissenschaften

Research and Production of Transformers with Heat Resistant Insulating Materials PDF (Russian)
Bauyrjan K. Bekenov
Mathematical Model of Optimal Control Rotary Drilling Machines PDF (Russian)
Mikhail A. Lemeshko, Mikhail A. Vasin, Dmitriy E. Saj
Perfectingprinciples of “Support–Country” System Design PDF (Russian)
Kakim M. Beysembayev, Santaj S. Zhetessov, Nurlan S. Маlybayev, Mahambet N. Shmanov, Gulnur B. Аbdugaliyeva, Gulnara S. Zholdybayeva
Production of Biofuel from Wood PDF (Russian)
Wahab K. A. Alithawi
The Transmission of Binary Messages Special Overlapping Signals PDF (Russian)
Vladimir A. Vershinin
A Study of Some Methods for the Approximate Calculation of Definite Integrals Using Computers PDF (Russian)
Roiada A. Ibrahim Al-Hajali
Software Implementation of Multi-User Text Messaging System Using Logistic Map PDF (English)
Oleg M. Eliiashiv, Leonid F. Politanskii, Ruslan L. Politanskii, Nazariy G. Hladun
Integral Assessment of Quality Continuous Cast Billet Caster EAFPnm PDF (Russian)
Maria V. Androsenko, Vladimir I. Kadoshnikov, Dmitry A. Kharlow, Irina D. Kadoshnikova, Ekaterina V. Kulikova
Experimental Research of the Process of Masking of Digital Information Signals Using Chaotic Oscillations PDF (English)
Dmytro A. , Vovchuk, Leonid F. Politanskii, Serhii D. Haliuk
Experimental Estimation of Automobile Driver Health Condition PDF (Russian)
Alexey N. Marenich
Developing Universal Hardware for Harvesting Crops PDF (Russian)
Vladimir A. Milyutkin, Igor V. Borodulin, Zoya P. Antonova, Nikolay Th. Stebkov

Philosophie, Philologie und Kunstwissenschaften

Methods of Explication Conceptual Meanings of Cultural Stereotypes in the Literary Text PDF (Russian)
Tatiana F. Semashko
Bilingualism as a Factor Karachay-Cherkessia Titular Language Development PDF (Russian)
Ludmila Yu. Kozlova
The Past and Present of the Russian National Idea PDF (English)
Svetlana Yu. Piskorskaya, Anna N. Gorodischeva
Present Value of Antinomy of Philosophy Scientific Status as Metaphysics in Immanuel Kant’s "Critical Philosophy" PDF (English)
Petr G. Makuhin

ISSN: 2199-7977