Development of the System of Intergovernmental Transfers under Transformational Changes

Tatiana M. Bogolib


The paper conducted a comprehensive study of the theoretical and practical aspects of the system of intergovernmental transfers. It is proved that the interpretation of intergovernmental transfers only as payments designed to balance local budgets and align regional disparities, is betrothed couple. Proved that intergovernmental transfers - a phenomenon that has a dualistic economic and socio - political nature. Justified functions of intergovernmental transfers that express the essence of intergovernmental transfers.

Determined that the main source of wealth of the historical path of development and establishment of the system of intergovernmental transfers in Ukraine became the legal regulation of the functioning of these instruments of fiscal adjustment.

Practical recommendations to improve the calculation and provision of intergovernmental transfers in order to ensure financial equalization and strengthen their influence on the socio-economic development of the administrative-territorial units.


PDF (Russian)


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