Nr. 1 (2017)

Eastern European Scientific Journal 01-2017

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Mathematik- und Technikwissenschaften

Increasing Quality and Reliability Work of Railway Port Station PDF (Russian)
Albert P. Shirokov
Forms and Means of Integration Algebraic and Geometric Methods PDF (English)
Shaylovbek A. Saipnazarov, Akrom R. Gulamov
Concept and Mechanism of Integration Algebraic and Geometric Methods PDF (English)
Shaylovbek A. Saipnazarov, Malika T. Ortikova
On Tasks in Physics PDF (Russian)
Valizhon G. Makhsudov
Possibilities of Application Three-Dimensional Printing in Educational Process PDF (Russian)
Sergey A. Vybornov, Venera S. Mullakaeva


Advocacy in the Context of Russian and International Law PDF (Russian)
Oksana G. Ostapets
Questions of Reliability of the Evidence to Be Evaluated in Court Hearings Related to the Disclosure of Witness Statements PDF (Russian)
Yurij A. Kravets
On the Importance of Demographic Factor in City Development PDF (Russian)
Fania A. Igebaeva
Innovative Aspects of Improving Management Processes in Higher Educational Institution on the Bases of Modern Technologies PDF (Russian)
Maftuna E. Gapparova
Complete Collectivization and Resistance of Farmers in Uzbek Villages in the early 30s PDF (Russian)
Bakhtiyor M. Rasulov
Informatization as Bases for Improving Education Quality PDF (English)
Gulnora S. Muminova
The Notion of «Kernel» Organizational Structure PDF (Russian)
Tatiana Yu. Grubich
Analysis of Attendance the Resort Town of Anapa and the Factors Affecting It PDF (Russian)
Tatiana Yu. Grubich, Maria N. Petridi
Routes of Effective Management the Budget of Higher Education Institutions Result Oriented PDF (Russian)
Asliddin M. Boboxujayev

Biologie und Medizin

Influence of Feeding of Preparation Microbond as Part of Fodder Mixes on Condition of Organism of Young Growth of Minks and Quality of Furs PDF (Russian)
Regina I. Mihailova, Daria A. Valiullina, Nadiya R. Kasanova
Dynamics Assessment Special Physical Training of Young Athletes on the Basis of Computer Monitoring (on the example of wrestlers of taekwondo) PDF (English)
Soyibjon S. Tajibayev
Development of Psychomotor Installation with Use of Device “Spork” and Its Influence on Competitive Activity Wrestlers PDF (Russian)
Zhavlon M. Ishtaev


World Outlook as Basis of Pupil’s Representations PDF (English)
Nargiza Otakulova
Technology of Creation Electronic Manual and Mechanisms of Organization the Teaching Process in accordance with It PDF (English)
Kamolidin R. Mamadaliev, Aziza T. Kurbanova
Nontraditional Methods of Formation Speech Culture of Primary School Pupils PDF (Russian)
Umida A. Masharipova
The Issue of Forming Health Competence of Primary School Teachers PDF (Russian)
Dilobar M. Kholikova
Loneliness and Life Values in Adulthood PDF (Russian)
Lidiya S. Titkova
Game Technology for Science Lessons PDF (English)
Firuza R. Muradova
Using Home Experiment in Teaching Chemistry at School PDF (Russian)
Ibrakhim R. Askarov, Bahrom M. Dumanov
Features of Organization Pedagogical Process in Preschool Educational Institutions PDF (Russian)
Guzal M. Nazirova
Opportunities of Pupils’ Complex Development on the Bases of Modernization the Content of Primary Education PDF (English)
Nargiza Dilova
Theoretical-empirical Aspect of Enhancing Musicianship Development of Younger Schoolchildren in the Process of Playing the Block Flute PDF (Russian)
Ivan G. Laptev
Training Materials for Alternative Energy Sources in Education PDF (English)
Khusniddin O. Juraev
Selection Criteria of Training Methods in Design Fine Arts Lessons PDF (Russian)
Sunnat A. Shavdirov

Philosophie, Philologie und Kunstwissenschaften

Reconstruction as the Main Method of Text Interpretation in Modern Linguistics PDF (English)
Elena N. Kolomiiets
Effectiveness of Semantic - Contextual Technologies in Assimilation of Legal Terminology PDF (Russian)
Feruza S. Abdullaeva
Historical and Functional Bases of Differentiation of Phoneme and Prosodeme (on the material of IS.Turgenev’s works) PDF (Russian)
Buasaeng Rattanaporn, Anatoly A. Pripadchev
Conceptual Study of «Christian Socialism» in SN. Bulgakov and NA. Berdyaev PDF (Russian)
Viktor A. Tolstikov
Innovative Quests Ergash Masofaev PDF (Russian)
Jura O. Makhmudov
About the History of Scenic Speech Art in Uzbekistan PDF (English)
Guzal E. Khalikulova
Varied Range of Opinions on Activities of Modern Uzbek Directing Creator PDF (Russian)
Mahsuma K. Khodjimatova
Educational Value in Works of Eastern Thinkers and Principals of Their Use PDF (Russian)
Zarafshon B. Jalilov
Educational Necessity to Form Ideological - Political Culture of Youth in Family PDF (English)
Dildora S. Davronova


Forming Students' Health Competence in Studying Health-Hygienic Disciplines PDF (Russian)
Nigora A. Musayev
Possibilities of Innovative Technologies in Teaching and Learning History in Higher Educational Institutions PDF (Russian)
Dilbar T. Tohtabaeva
Improving Pedagogical Potential of Biology teachers in the Context of Interactive Software Use PDF (Russian)
Gulruhsor S. Ergasheva
Video Materials Use for the Development Speaking Skills PDF (Russian)
Zarrina I. Salieva
Some Stages Associated with Artistic and Creative Activity of Future Jeweler PDF (English)
Iftixor B. Kamolov
Forming Innovative Abilities of Students in Engineering and Research PDF (English)
Shokhrukh R. Turdiev
Organizing Quality Control Mechanism for Training Specialists in Higher Educational Institutions PDF (Russian)
Feruza B. Saidova
New Pedagogical Technologies of Studying Latin in Medical Schools PDF (English)
Maksuda N. Israilova
Motivation of Students’ Knowledge Acquiring on the Current Stage of Higher Education Development PDF (Russian)
Sobir S. Jumayev
Integrative Activities in Providing Quality of Training Teachers of Professional Education PDF (English)
Sherali S. Abduraimov
Some Aspects of Improving Professional Skill of Pedagogical Staff PDF (Russian)
Azam A. Khalikov
Analysis of Studying Course "Computer Science and Information Technologies" in Pedagogical Higher School of Musical Direction in the Republic of Uzbekistan PDF (Russian)
Gulbakhar Zh. Abylova
Routes to Improve Course "Computer Science and Information Technologies" in Pedagogical Higher School of Musical Direction to Enhance and Intensify Learning Process PDF (Russian)
Gulbakhar Zh. Abylova
Theoretical Basis of Training Future Teachers to Innovative Professional Activities PDF (Russian)
Dilrabo M. Elmuratova


Normative Legal Bases, Priorities and Objectives of the State Policy in the Field of Ecological Development and Environmental Protection in Russian Federation (Political and legal aspect) PDF (Russian)
Ruslan G. Gostev, Snezhana R. Gosteva

ISSN: 2199-7977