Nr. 3 (2016)

Eastern European Scientific Journal 03-2016

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Mathematik- und Technikwissenschaften

Use the Different Sources of the Light in Buildings of the Protected Soil with Renewable Power Sources PDF (Russian)
Andrey A. Taran, Elena N. Taran, Andrey V. Braginets, Alexey V. Lohmanov
Pain Measuring Method PDF (Russian)
Petr I. Kurilko, Nikolay F. Posokhov
Increase the Capacity of Nyquist Elements at Timed Coding PDF (Russian)
Nikolaj V. Zakharchenko, Alexandr V. Kochetkov, Danijar N. Bektursunov
The Use of Genetic Algorithms in Distributed Computer Networks PDF (Russian)
Konstantin V. Kolesnikov, Anait R. Karapetyan


Preparing Young People to Social Relations on the Basis of Formation Ideological and Political Culture in the Family PDF (Russian)
Dildora S. Davronova
Scientific and Methodological Concepts of Education Quality Monitoring PDF (English)
Marufjon M. Vakhobov
Expert Assessment of Significant Components of Teachers’ Creative Potential in the Conditions of Education Informatization PDF (Russian)
Alfiya R. Isyanova
Modernization the System of Teacher Training in the Republic of Uzbekistan PDF (Russian)
A’lamzhon A. Ibragimov
Legal Bases of Formation Tolerant Thinking of Youth PDF (English)
Nodir K. Jamalov
The Mechanisms of Influence on the Minds of Young People and Socio-Educational Prevention PDF (Russian)
Arofat Ismanova

Biologie und Medizin

The Inability to Identify the Top-class Athletes Based on Heart Rate Variability Indices PDF (English)
F. Baikeev Rusttem, P. Romanov Konstantin, V. Abdullaev Vusal
Enzymatic testing gas resistance of cultivated plants PDF (Russian)
Alexandr P. Statsenko, Valeria A. Vikhareva, Marina A. Zanina
Criteria for Diagnosics of Central Serous Chorioretinopathy PDF (English)
Andrey G. Shchuko, Anna N. Zlobina, Tatiana N. Jureva
Tiotsetam Influence on Renal Function at Different Mineralocorticoid Activity in the Experiment PDF (Russian)
Oksana N. Korovenkova, Raisa B. Kosuba, Larusa P. Sidorchuk, Nataliya Ya. Muzyka, Mariia A. Korovenkova


Extracurricular Tutoring in Pedagogical High School for Future Teachers of English Language PDF (Russian)
Nilufar P. Abdimuratova
Options of Individual Integral Readiness of High Qualified Sportswomen in Mini-football for the Positive Outcome of the Match PDF (Russian)
Orif L. Erdonov
Social Stereotypes as a Tool of Reality Perception PDF (English)
Alyona G. Ayrapetova
Pedagogics of Security as the Basis of Educational Process in High School PDF (Russian)
Lidia A. Ermakova, Marina V. Voronkova
Teachers’ Training for Innovation Activity in Formation of Free Thinking Culture for Students of Professional Colleges in Uzbekistan PDF (English)
Hursand A. Mahmudov
Improvement of Vocational Training of Vocational Colleges students’ on basis of Acmeological Approach PDF (English)
Gulnora O. Ernazarova
Evaluation technology of the Qualification Works of Future Teachers of Vocational Education PDF (English)
Dilmirza D. Inamov
Bases of Formation Students’ Social Activity PDF (English)
Mukaddas K. Rakhmanova
Features Critical Thinking Teenage Students PDF (Russian)
Gulbakhor R. Akramova


Concept of Using Information-Communication Technologies and Useful Information Resourses at Secondary Schools of Uzbekistan PDF (English)
Ulugbek N. Taylakov
Activity Areas of Primary School Teachers PDF (Russian)
Nargiza G. Dilova
Presentation of Logical bases of Teaching Materials in Textbooks PDF (English)
Feruza Kuchkarova
Competent Approach for Teaching Physics in Secondary and Post-secondary Educational Institutions PDF (Russian)
Jabbor E. Usarov
Effective Ways of Improving the Written Speech Skills of the Non-philological Faculty Students PDF (English)
Farhod Alimov
Use of Interactive Methods of Training at Chemistry Lessons as a Mean of Forming Key Competences PDF (English)
Saida O. Nizamova
Pedagogical Conditions of Using the Materials of the Uzbek National Pedagogics in the Pedagogical Course Studying PDF (Russian)
Mukhabbat S. Salaeva

Journalistik, Literaturwissenschaft, Medien- und Kulturwissenschaft

About the Concept of Discourse in the Mass Media Sphere PDF (English)
Lina B. Temnikova, Olga V. Vorobeva
The Schools for Girls in Central Asia: the Meaning of Education and Methodology PDF (English)
Ozoda Kh. Kasimova
Linguocultural Peculiarity of Reading PDF (Russian)
Shukur-Ali A. Ataev, Gofur M. Khudoyberdiev
Social Factors of Information Mass Media Influence on World View of Studying Youth PDF (Russian)
Shaxnoza N. Taylakova

ISSN: 2199-7977