Social Factors of Information Mass Media Influence on World View of Studying Youth

Shaxnoza N. Taylakova


Key words.  Mass, television, forming of personality Medias, cognitive activity, spiritually moral educations.


Annotation. Mass Medias acquire the special meaningfulness in modern terms. As they are sent to forming for the man of attitude toward the world to the events to society. In particular, it behaves to the young people whose ungetting strong consciousness it is possible to manipulate and manage.

In this aspect in this article questions are examined the MASS MEDIA related to influence on the world view of young people are illuminated possibilities of their activity in new terms taking into account reformation of public consciousness and globalization of world community. The function of MASS MEDIA is especially distinguished on ideological education of young people to forming of culture of the use of information of acting on different channels connection.

In the article essence of the youth programs of radio and television of Uzbekistan is described (briefly) and along with their positive general estimation the row of unsolved problems is distinguished in particular insufficient account of pedagogical aspect of specific of youth audience shallow penetration in particular of youth politics.

To the article data of questioning of opinions of studying young people are driven about their preferences in the selection of the programs absence of interest is educed in the analytical informative programs.

In conclusion, the necessity of objective and all-round reflection of the real events of drastic alternations what will be going on in a country and in the world is stated.


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