Nr. 2 (2015)

Eastern European Scientific Journal 02-2015

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Biologie und Medizin

Anty-kokcidioznis Efficiency of Different Preparations at Experimental Eymerioze of Chickens PDF (Russian)
Galimzyan F. Kabirov, Minsagit H. Lutfullin, Ramis R. Gizzatullin, Bulat V. Kamalov, Nailya A. Lutfullina
The Congenital Anomaly of Fixing a Small Intestine Complicated by Sharp Small Intestine Impassability PDF (Russian)
Natalia D. Maslakova, Alexandr O. Flyorov, Teressa S. Zhotkovskaya, Andrey A. Novitsky, Vecheslav V. Makarchik, Anastasia A. Medvedko, InnaV. Rusak
Productivity Indicators and Standards of Spruce Crowns in the Northern Taiga PDF (Russian)
Sergey V. Koptev
Biotesting of the Sea Stars Patiria Pectinifera and Evasterias Echinosoma of the Japanese Sea and the Methods of Their Detoxication PDF (Russian)
Valery D. Bogdanov, Svetlana N. Maksimova, Nikolay G. Tungusov, Ekaterina V. Shadrina, Ekaterina M. Panchishina


Evolution of the Linear Lightning in the Course of the Electric Spark PDF (Russian)
Igor A. Tikhonov
Evaluation Problem of Recreational Resources and Potential in the Development of Regional Tourism PDF (English)
Tatiana A. Volkova
Negative Impact of Automobile Transport on a Large City Air Environment PDF (Russian)
Mikhail I. Balzannikov, Yuliya M. Galitskova, Ekaterina S. Shubaneva

Journalistik, Literaturwissenschaft, Medien- und Kulturwissenschaft

Convergent Journalism: a New Media Development Stage PDF (Russian)
Elena V. Kurbakova, Anastasia A. Kiseleva
Filled with Sense Function of Art Antinomy (on material of Russian traditional folklore) PDF (Russian)
Maria K. Shemyakina


Information and Professional Culture of a Manager in Socio-cultural Sphere PDF (Russian)
Alexey S. Miller
Political Economy View on the Model of Economic Growth PDF (Russian)
Irina N. Yudina
The Main Directions of Investment Activity Development in the Agricultural Sector PDF (Russian)
Ramina R. Mustafayeva
The Role of Domestic Food Market Protection in Food Security PDF (English)
Ruhiyya M. Gambarova
February 1917 year: Building a Civil Society: Peculiarities and Specificity (the experience of Don and North Caucasus) PDF (Russian)
Irina G. Brizgalova
Requirements for the Project of a Political Campaing PDF (Russian)
Svetlana A. Sivova
Competitiveness and Analysis Territories of the Russian Federation PDF (Russian)
Nail R. Davletgareev, Tatiyana B. Davletgareeva, Natalya V. Koroleva
Perspective Directions of Development of the Regional Market of Educational Services PDF (English)
Alma Abdimomynova, Ulzhan Berikbolova
Economy and Ethics: Aspects of Interaction PDF (Russian)
Erzhena L. Dorzhieva
The Causes of the Firm: a Neoinstitutional Approach PDF (Russian)
Erzhena L. Dorzhieva
Ancient Athenian Democracy: Forms and Quasiforms PDF (Russian)
Vasily V. Markhinin


Creation of an Innovative Environment Based on Active Approach In-home Training Conditions in Educational Organizations PDF (Russian)
Alla S. Sidenko, Elena A. Sidenko
Development of Speech Culture of Younger School Students with Use of National Music PDF (Russian)
Antonina B. Shevtsova
Postgraduate Education of Officials for Labour Protection. Problems and Features of the Educational Process PDF (Russian)
Roman I. Pahomov, Eugeniy V. Dyachenko, Alina I. Padalka, Alexandr E. Zyma
Voice Culture of Chemistry Teacher PDF (English)
Anna O. Syrovaya, Ludmila E. Peretyaga, Vladimir O. Makarov, Valentina N. Petiunina, Olga L. Levashova
The Formation of Socially Oriented Position of a Teenager by Means Preventive Interaction PDF (Russian)
Diljara M. Shigabiyeva
Fitness as a Means of Preserving and Strengthening the Health of Preschool Children PDF (Russian)
Nellie G. Sarkisovа, Mariyam H. Bоtаsheva

Mathematik- und Technikwissenschaften

Obtaining an Approximate Solution of Mathematical Physics Equations of Several Variables by Means of Taylor Series PDF (English)
Victor I. Shulga, Igor Bilan
Search Engine Optimization as a Controlled Object PDF (Russian)
Victoria O. Rakhuba
Problems Search and Rescue of Aerospace in Arctic PDF (Russian)
Vladimir A. Popov, Aleksey V. Sobolev
Calorimetric Researches of Phase Transitions in Crystal Modifications of Gallium PDF (Russian)
Alexander T. Shlyakhov, Alfiya G. Shlyakhova
Mathcad Program for Studying of the Solution Technique of Equations PDF (Russian)
Aizhan К. Salkeeva, Аsia S. Cusenova, Gulnar N. Sembaeva, Gaukhar M. Bimbetova, Gulnara B. Turebaeva
The Result of the Study for Solving Ill-conditioned Systems of Linear Equations by a New Method PDF (Russian)
Nataliia L. Kostian, Igor Yu. Bilan, Sergei Gladun

Philosophie, Philologie und Kunstwissenschaften

Mythological Origins of Environmental Knowledge PDF (Russian)
Agasi A. Khachatryan, Ellada A. Khachatryan
The Words’ Morphology of the Voynich Manuscript Language PDF (Russian)
Sergey Y. Zubenko
The Aspectual Issue in the languages of different Systems PDF (Russian)
Gjul’chkhora B. Alyeva
The Implications of the Double Voice, Conjugation and Endings of the Verbs in Old Armenian PDF (Russian)
Hranush S. Zakyan
Apocalyptical Motives in “Metropolitan Text” of A. Deblin and N. Hvylyevoy PDF (Russian)
Olga I. Bohdanova
Derivational Activity Exotic Vocabulary from the Lermontov Lyrics of the Caucasus in the Russian Language PDF (Russian)
Elena M. Khachirova
Targeted Set Expression in the Epic Text (on the material of the Yakut heroic epos olongho) PDF (Russian)
Nikolay N. Efremov
Temüjin – Chinggis Khan – Chinggis-Ghen (Onomastics of the name Chinggis-Ghen: Problem Statement) PDF (English)
Kamil A. Ablyazov
The Lexical Compatibility in Teaching a Non-native Language PDF (Russian)
Madina P. Kochesokova, Emma L. Kokova

ISSN: 2199-7977