Perspective Directions of Development of the Regional Market of Educational Services

Alma Abdimomynova, Ulzhan Berikbolova


In article educational services in total with methods of state regulation of the educational competitive environment are investigated, the directions of cooperation of various organizations of education are planned, tendencies of development of the market of these services are defined. It is noted that despite an illegibility of valuable reference points the Kazakhstan market of educational services possesses the considerable potential of development and growth. However high-quality transformations captured not only branch parameters of the higher school, they led and to essential change of the most economic mechanism of functioning of the sphere of the higher education: in all regions arose and the local markets of educational services were organizationally issued. Distinctive specifics of these markets consist that qualitatively defining role plays a segment of paid services here. Research of subjects of the market of educational services and solution of the problem of development of state regulation in the field of education is possible only in interrelation with all segments of labor market. Such interrelation allows to analyse in a new way the developed market condition of educational services, to reveal the main regularities of its development and scientifically to prove a choice of the principles and methods of state regulation that is very actual at the present stage of economic development of the country.



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