Anty-kokcidioznis Efficiency of Different Preparations at Experimental Eymerioze of Chickens

Galimzyan F. Kabirov, Minsagit H. Lutfullin, Ramis R. Gizzatullin, Bulat V. Kamalov, Nailya A. Lutfullina


Poultry is an important and cost-effective livestock industry. Therefore, to increase poultry and productivity to significantly improve the prevention and elimination in the poultry farms of different invasive diseases, including Amerisa chickens. To do this, we experience experienced 3 protivokomarinye drugs and investigated their effectiveness.

       Therefore, of the three tested protivogistaminnyh drugs on experimentally infected with Americom chickens greatest efficiency showed antiamerica composition "Degilim-14", and thus can be recommended for the treatment of coccidiosis of chickens.


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