Nr. 1 (2014)

Eastern European Scientific Journal 02-2014


Mathematik- und Technikwissenschaften

Structures and Strength Properties of Planetary Gear with Internal Linkings Wheel Strength PDF (Russian)
Theodor I. Plekhanov
Forecast Stability of Mining Excavation and HPS’sDams After 2020 PDF (Russian)
Albert V. Zubkov, Sergey V. Sentyabov
Features of composition of a substantial part of the patent of the invention of the Russian Federation PDF (Russian)
Juriy TH. Yakuba
The Modern Model of Optimization Thermal Networks Design PDF (Russian)
Ella M. Malaya, Svyatoslav G. Kultyaev


Tax Methods of Organization Investment Activity Regulation PDF (Russian)
Nailya Zaripova
The Role of the Souvereign Wealth Funds in the Economic Secuity of the State PDF (English)
Marina V. Danilina
Youth Policy of the Orenburg Region Through an Education Prism PDF (Russian)
Irina A. Maslova
The Republic of Kazakhstan to Participate in the UN Peacekeeping Activities: Preparatory Groundwork, Challenges and Prospects for Cooperation PDF (English)
Zarina A. Zharkimbekova
Analysis and Evaluation of the Economic Security of the Large Enterprises of the Dairy Industry of Bryansk Region PDF (Russian)
Olga V. Atamanova
Importance of Judicial Precedent PDF (English)
Darina V. Maliyevskaya
New Basis for the Recognition of Evidence, Formed on the Basis of Operational and Investigative Activities, Unacceptable PDF (Russian)
Ilgar Z. Zeynalov
Completeness as the Basis of True and Fair View Concept PDF (Russian)
Ekaterina V. Smirnova (Kazannikova)
Pussy Riot eyes of youth Ural province (results of the poll in Berezniki, Perm Region) PDF (Russian)
Vladimir V. Shilov, Alla S. Turubarina, Alexandra V. Miroshnikova

Biologie und Medizin

Features and causes of cardiac arrhythmias in patients with decompensated chronic cor pulmonale and coexistent arterial hypertension PDF (English)
Nazipa E. Aidargalieva, Assel Zh. Teleusheva
Dynamics of humoral immunity, against - and pro-inflammatory cytokine at patients with the combined maxilla-facial injuries with a serious condition. PDF (English)
Shuhrat A. Boymuradov
Results of surgical correction of distal hypospadias of children PDF (Russian)
Ilia M. Kagantsov
The Interleukin 8 and Interleukin 17 Serum Level Investigation in Acute Destructive Appendicitis PDF (Russian)
Viorika M. Akimova


Assessment of Air Pollution in the Aerated Units Production PDF (Russian)
Mikhail I. Balzannikov, Yuliya M. Galitskova, Nataliya V. Ashrameeva, Valentina V. Semenova
Hypothesis of the Lightning Origin PDF (Russian)
Igor V. Kuzminov
Atomic Collapse. Time. Response Reasoning PDF (Russian)
Alexandr N. Khovalkin


The impact of the Russian Impire state policy on the activities of the religious educational institutions in the XVIII – XIX centuries PDF (Russian)
Anastasia I. Nazarova
Children’s Stress Psychocorrection PDF (English)
Andrey N. Khvataev
Philosophical Content of Modern Geometry-Graphic Education PDF (Russian)
Dmitry I. Tkach
Basic Principals of Systemic Descriptive Geometry as a Fundamental Science PDF (Russian)
Dmitry I. Tkach
Basic Principals of Systemic Descriptive Geometry as a Studying Discipline PDF (Russian)
Dmitry I. Tkach
12-rational Geometry Graphics Technology Mutual Conversion Reversible Images PDF (Russian)
Dmitry I. Tkach
Students’ Understanding of the Scientific Text in Psycholinguistical Aspect PDF (Russian)
Anastasiya V. Abrosimova
Genesis of Handicaps, Handicap and Handicapping PDF (English)
Oleg Stavitsky
Practical Exercises Using Forms of Learning - Training on the Example of Discipline "Accounting and Analysis" PDF (Russian)
Tatyana L. Konstantinova, Svetlana N. Prokopeva
The Problem of Students’ Patriotism and Citizenship Formation in the Cadet Corps Headteachers Work PDF (Russian)
Daria A. Brenner, Margarita A. Talbutdinova
The Environmental Education Role in the Implementation of the Educational Process in High School PDF (Russian)
Yuliya M. Galitskova

Philosophie, Philologie und Kunstwissenschaften

Church Slavonic Language as Element of Secular Education PDF (Russian)
Ivan А. Petrouchko
Traditions and Contemporaneity in Poetry of B. Laypanov PDF (Russian)
Susanna S. Dzhanibekova
Unilateral and Mutual Determination of Components with Unique Meaning and Meant in Phraseological Units of German PDF (Russian)
Olga P. Simutova, Irina A. Shidlovskaya
Features of the Space and Time National Perception (based on the literature of the peoples of the North) PDF (Russian)
Olga I. Pashkevich
Integrative Method of Linguistic Methodology PDF (English)
Marianna V. Slizkova
Precedence relations in text-discourse PDF
Nikolaj F. Alefirenko, Tatjana N. Skokova
Structural-semantic models of place names containing more than one word in the German language PDF
Nadezhda I. Dsens, Julia N. Melnikova
Dream Meaning in K.Gali poem "Kyysa and-Yosyf" PDF (Russian)
Dina M. Khairullina
Modern Trends in Poetry Karachai PDF (Russian)
Angella Y. Ordokova


Culturological Approach to Education Anthropologization PDF (English)
Galina M. Kodzhaspirova
The Hellenes about the Music, Parenting and Health PDF (English)
Yuriy G. Kodjaspirov
The Concept of the Readiness Formation of the Technical Expert to Professional Safety PDF (English)
N. S. Efimova
Interaction of social gender role PDF
Maria A. Erofeeva
Psychological Mechanisms of Coping Behavior of Universities Students PDF
Aleksey Yu. Kodzhaspirov
Younger Schoolchildren’s Personal Development Pedagogical Support PDF (English)
Lyudmila V. Polyakova
Developing of the Facilitative Orientation of Future Teachers in the Educational Environment of a Teachers’ Training College PDF (English)
Elena A. Maslova
Computer Training or Training the Computer? PDF (English)
Galina V. Belova
Civic Identity: Theoretical Foundations of the Education at Primary School Age PDF (English)
Natalia V. Zaitseva
Pupils Design Competence Formation Using Lego Technology PDF (English)
Anna I. Traktirnikova

ISSN: 2199-7977