Development of Domestic Industries in Kizlyar in the Context of Economic Model of City Development during the Caucasian War

Mahomed M. Gasanov, Abidat A. Gazieva


Key words: Kizlyar, cottage industry, mountaineers-otkhodniki, economy, imperial administration.


Annotation:  In article attempt of illumination of a role of the city of Kizlyar as center of formation of advanced cottage industry in the region becomes. On the basis of available sources and literature we describe the main vectors of development of domestic industries in the city. Because the city developed economically, it became more and more attractive to mountaineers-otkhodnikov, many of which located in the city on permanent residence subsequently. The attention as well is paid to policy of the Russian administration concerning the device and control of the mountaineers coming to earnings.

In article attempt to show structure of the working class of the city and to light the most developed forms of cottage industry focused on violently emerging market arising and begun to be formed becomes.


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