Development and Interaction of Cognitive Interest and Abilities of the Senior Students to Think Logically in Extracurricular Activities

Elkhan B. Baylarov, Shafag N. Fazilova


Key words: older students, cognitive processes, logical thinking, mathematics, psychology, extracurricular activities.


Annotation: In this article is spoken about the logic thinking improvement urgency of students in off – hour. Here is noted that mathematics has great role in formation of logic thinking of students and has large opportunity for intellectual improvement of personality. Here is indicated that off – hour work in mathematics presents inherent part of good organized process of teaching in mathematics. Off – hour work of mathematics includes voluntary lessons which teachers conduct in off – hour time in school and out school. Here is noted that this work have to directed to the satisfaction of interests and demands of students.

In this article is noted that teacher must and may enrich content of mathematic education attracting historic material, material from adjacent discipline, emphasizing beauty, elegance, power of mathematic methods.


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