DRD4 Gene Polymorphism in Children of Nomadic and Urban Indigenous Populations in the North of West Siberia

Nicolay N. Ilyinskikh, Ekaterina N. Ilyinskikh


Key words: DRD4, Siberia, ethnic groups, indigenous population, urban population. 


Annotation: The aim of the work was to assess prevalence of the frequencies of the DRD4 gene alleles in nomadic and urban residents of the north of West Siberia. The results of the study show, there are significant differences of DRD4 gene allele frequency among the schoolchildren  of the north of West Siberiabelonging to different ethnic groups. The children of the nomadic parents who are reindeer herders and the urban residents of the north of West Siberia are significantly distinguished by the frequency of DRD4*7Rallele.



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